What our students say is the best testimony to what we do at 浴学院. They have first-hand experience of everything from course work, 教学质量, 大学的环境, 学生生活, 在巴斯学习是什么样的, 还有更多.

One of the best things about 浴学院 is the diverse group of students we have, 从浴, 全英国, 与国际. Small though we are,  we cover a huge spectrum of students needs and learning styles. Our personal approach provides a community atmosphere, 正是它让我们与众不同, 更好的原因有很多. 继续往下读,找出原因:


“The informality of the school makes a difference, 有一些限制, 我们被当做成年人对待, 独立是鼓励.”– 一年A级学生 now studying Virology & 布里斯托尔大学免疫学

“My teacher’s lessons on the French Revolution were some of the most enjoyable I experienced at any level of education, and the broader-curricular approach which he employed has been very, 在大学对我很有帮助.” – Sam – A-Level student now studying Y2 War Studies and History BA, 国王学院, 伦敦大学 

I have really enjoyed sociology – something I knew absolutely nothing about before and had not ever considered studying but your passion and endless knowledge for the subject has given me such an insight into so many different perspectives, encouraging me to think more critically and strengthen my own opinions, which I know will benefit me massively both academically in my law course as well as in life generally.” – 爱丽丝- A级学生

“Thank you for being an excellent Psychology teacher, you make the subject far more interesting and I always looked forward to lessons. . I appreciate the way you incorporated me into the already established class so early on and the extra effort you put in to tailor the lessons to my way of working. Through being a great teacher as well as my personal tutor, I think you’re largely accountable for the increase in confidence in my own academic abilities, 在这个考试季中,哪些是100%有帮助的. I was far less nervous than I have been before and which hopefully will be visible in my results. I couldn’t have gone through the UCAS process without your support.” – Maddie - A级学生 now studying Marine Biology with Coastal Ecology at University of Plymouth


“When you have an issue and ask for help, they will do everything in their power and adapt to your way of learning, 如果你还是不明白, 他们会使用另一种方法. 他们耐心而精确, 集中, accept your flaws and work with them to get the best out of you.”哈利,高一学生 who made a 5-grade improvement and is now at St. 乔治的医学院 

“As an international student coming from Angola, I went to 浴学院 to learn English and during that time I was able to acquire fundamental English skills to get to the University, the staff is well prepared and very helpful and you can get any kind of help needed … I strongly recommend this college.” - Edilson - UFP学生

“非常感谢vip贵宾会的所有人, it was an amazing experience and certainly allowed both my confidence and application of the subject to improve.” -艾玛,复习生

“Timed Assessments make a huge difference, they keep you on track. Doing assessments more frequently is less pressurised, and gets you used to being in that environment from day one.”A级重修学生 

Sophie - cfe 2017年学院奖得主

“I am truly grateful for everything you and the staff of 浴学院 have helped me achieve. I would not be at Bath Spa University today without your support. It was an honour to receive the CIFE college prize in such a beautiful location.”  –  Sophie – First-time A Level student and winner of CIFE College Award 2017

“老师们会讲得更详细, explaining when and why things change rather than just ticking boxes on the curriculum. They teach beyond the books, using alternative approaches. Instead of a basic equation, what if another variable happens? This is explored and explained for deeper understanding.” - A级学生

“You’re allowed to express your individuality. The focus isn’t on representing the school, it’s on you.” ——普通中等教育证书考试的学生

吴景贤- A级学生

“It is the best school and I would recommend 浴学院 to everyone. The lessons were absolutely fantastic and a very friendly 学校的气氛.”伊丽莎,哈萨克斯坦

“My time studying in 浴学院 was very memorable. I really liked the town because it was so pretty and it had every bit of everything. Teachers here were really helpful and patient. 我在这里认识了很多朋友. In summary, I had a really amazing experience.”比阿特丽斯- UFP学生

“Great place, really enjoyed my year here. Small teaching groups where you can simply ask any question you have. They expect you to do your own work, which is how it is in university.”King Ng, A-Level学生