General Information for Examination Candidates

Bath Academy offers internal and private candidates access to exams from AQA, 光学字符识别, 皮尔森, WJEC and Cambridge Assessment International Education.

The Examinations Officer is 艾米·哈伯德 contactable by email 艾米 or 01.


Teacher Assessed Grades

Bath Academy has determined grades in accordance with the “JCQ-Guidance-on-the-Determination-of-Grades-for-A-AS-Levels-and-普通中等教育证书-Summer-2021” and has submitted these grades to the relevant awarding organisation by the required deadline. To support your understanding, please refer to Ofqual’s Student Guide to Awarding in Summer 2021. 


Please find the JCQ “Guidance for students, parents and guardians: 普通中等教育证书 and AS/一个水平 in England Summer 2021” 在这里. This document sets out the process for making an appeal. 

上诉 Policy Summer 2021 Exceptional Circumstances

This policy has been created due to the Exceptional Circumstances for Summer 2021 Examinations, and will t在这里fore only be applicable to this examination series. Please also note that this information and policy has been updated due to the publication of JCQ/awarding body information on appeals:


Please read the current JCQ Documentation for all students that are taking external GCSE & GCE Examinations this year:

It is important that you are aware of these regulations, more information will follow closer to the exam season regarding exam procedures at Bath Academy.

Internal and Private Candidates

For information on applications and fees for internal and private candidates relating to 一个水平, AS Levels and 普通中等教育证书 please contact our Examinations Officer, 艾米·哈伯德, at 艾米

For all Exam 费用, please click 在这里.

The Exam 政策 are listed below, please ensure that you read and understand the documentation above prior to your examination series.