We know that finding somew在这里 you can call home is important, vip贵宾会团队很乐意为我们的学生提供建议和指导. 巴斯有一系列的住宅可供选择,以满足个人喜好和预算.

我们相信,一个舒适, 在学生学习的时候,干净和安全的地方是非常重要的, 因此,我们的目标是为学生提供舒适和安全的住宿,让他们充分利用与我们在一起的时间.

Our accommodation options are listed below:

Student Residential House (ages 14-18)

牛津厨房. For more photos see our gallery at the bottom of the 页面.

Our accommodation for long-term students consists of a charming, Georgian residential house set in the heart of the city. 在牛津学院,我们为14岁以上的学生提供全食宿. 宿舍工作人员时刻在现场,确保学生的安全、快乐和进步.

牛津学院有单人房和共享房,都是严格按照“先到先得”的原则分配的, 先得”的基础上. 卧室家具齐全,中央供暖,每周都有清洁,包括新的床上用品. 所有的房子都是禁烟区.


Located within 10 minutes’ walk from the school and city centre, vip贵宾会的学生公寓提供经典的住宿,在美丽的一级列出格鲁吉亚建筑. 理想的位置, 学生们可以住在靠近城市中心的历史悠久、设施现代化的房子里.

我们的学生宿舍有一个经验丰富的厨师,为每一个饮食和文化需求提供家庭烹饪的饭菜. 学生们在周末吃一日三餐,早餐是煮好的.

我们的厨师将尽力满足特殊的要求,并给予适当的通知, and we expect students to be flexible with their meal expectations. 晚上一起尝试新食物和吃热饭是学生生活的一个重要方面, and provides a ‘family’ environment for those far away from home.



Student Residential 住宿 Details:

  • 全膳宿的工作人员和经验丰富的员工,内部厨师
  • 步行10分钟到学院
  • 房间每周打扫一次
  • Bed linen and towel change once a week
  • 洗衣服务每周一次
  • 提供的wi - fi连接
  • Social activities at the weekends

The College Residence is open during Term dates only. 请参考vip贵宾会 一学年的学期日期.  

College Residence is subject to availability. 所有价格都可以在我们的 费用 页面.


vip贵宾会为您安排在巴斯的住宿,并提供有爱心和责任心的寄宿家庭. 寄宿家庭住宿, 学生可以更多地了解英国的习俗和传统,并获得额外的会话练习. Hosts treat the students as full members of the household, eating together and sharing the common living areas. 所有的寄宿家庭都被亲自访问和采访,以确保他们符合我们的标准:

  • 单人房或合用房间,可提供足够大小的床(16岁以下学生可使用双层床)
  • Not more than three students in one homestay at a time
  • Full board (breakfast, packed lunch & dinner with lunches provided by 浴学院)
  • 位于巴斯市内(步行或乘坐30分钟公共交通*可到达)
  • Adequate hanging and drawer space and storage for clothes
  • 学习用的桌子或书桌和椅子(在卧室或房子的主要部分)
  • Daily access to a bathroom with a bath or shower
  • 房间每周打扫一次
  • Bed linen and towel changed once a week
  • 每周洗一次衣服
  • 提供的wi - fi连接
  • English is spoken as the main language in the family home

*Bus passes currently cost around £20 per week for adults and £12.21岁以下的年轻人80岁. 更多信息可以在这里找到 在这里. 

Homestay accommodation is subject to availability. 所有价格都可以在我们的 费用页面.

Interested in becoming a homestay host? 点击 在这里 为更多的细节.


雅芳公司 are a part of Fresh Student Living, 并在ANUK和国家有保障住宿守则注册.

对于18岁以上的学生,巴斯有私人学生宿舍. These are a popular option because of the student community atmosp在这里, bills are usually included in the rent, and they provide independence in a safe, 安全的环境.

The closest hall of residence to 浴学院 is 雅芳公司.


AVON STUDIOS: (for photos or a virtual tour 点击这里).

  • Only a 10-minute walk from the college
  • Each studio comes with a double bed, 一个小厨房, 存储空间, 伟大的研究区域, 和套房浴室
  • Features vary between accommodation options; city views and balcony access
  • 价格合理
  • TV lounge, pool table and outdoor social space


  • If you choose this option, 浴学院 students receive 3.5% discount off the first instalment of rent.
  • Your tenancy contract is with Fresh Student Living, 不洗澡学院, and any tenancy issues will be dealt with directly with them.
  • 浴学院 cannot be your Guarantor.
  • Find their detailed booking requirements 在这里.

*由于冠状病毒的不确定性,他们目前提供灵活的2020-21年租赁政策, 所以你可以自信地预订(按此浏览详情).



我们建议学生住在vip贵宾会提供的住宿,以获得更多的巴斯经验. 然而,我们理解一些学生可能更愿意自己安排住宿.

巴斯是一个受欢迎的度假胜地,城里和附近都有一系列的旅馆和宾馆. 你可以点击这个链接,在当地的官方旅游网站上查看酒店和客房列表:Visit Bath http://visitbath.co.uk/.



  •  我能负担得起住宿费用吗?
  •  What is included in the price – meals, 煤气及电费, water rates – and if I am paying my own utility costs, 我应该做多少预算?
  •  Does the price include possessions insurance?
  •  住宿中是否有互联网连接,如果有,是否有额外的费用?
  •  是床单, towels and kitchen utensils provided and if not, does the institution offer packs I can buy?
  •  What is Council Tax and do I have to pay it?
  •  如果我有一辆车,有停车设施吗?如果有,是附加的额外费用?
  •  我需要付定金吗? If so, how much is it and what is it for?
  •  付款条件是什么?
  •  What is a guarantor, and will I need one?
  •  Is t在这里 any communal living space and if so, is it adequate?
  •  Do I want or really need en suite provision and can I afford it?
  •  What is the mix of students in the accommodation likely to be?
  •  Can I practice and improve my English?
  •  If I sign a joint contract, will my liability be different?
  •  Does the accommodation offer good social opportunities?
  •  What are the management and security arrangements for the accommodation?
  •  What are the arrangements for the provision of food?
  •  Am I prepared to clean my accommodation and take the rubbish out?
  •  What are the accommodation arrangements for vacation periods?
  •  Does the length of the contract fit my period of study?
  •  W在这里 is the accommodation located?
  •  What are the transport links and what are the costs?


以下是一些学生关于住宿的常见问题和答案. 如果您在这里没有看到您的问题,请直接vip贵宾会,我们将尽最大努力回答它.

1. When should I start looking for somew在这里 to live?

Once you receive your offer letter from 浴学院, we can help you start to make arrangements for accommodation. If you are arranging private accommodation yourself, we recommend you still wait until your offer letter is received, and your arrival date to the UK is confirmed.

2. How much does private rental usually cost?

The cost differs greatly depending on different aspects of the property. 一定要检查一下账单和网络费用是否包含在你的月租中. Some places offer catered and non-catered options. Monthly rents can be anyw在这里 between £500 – £1500 in Bath.

3. Will I have to provide guarantor details?


保证人应是负责任的人,他将负责支付你的租金,以及在你无法支付租金时造成的任何损害. 通过签署租赁协议,你的担保人将承担租赁协议财务方面的共同责任.

Your guarantor must live and work in the UK on a permanent basis. 如果你不能提供担保人,你可以选择在合同开始时预付全额租金

4. Can anyone at 浴学院 be my Guarantor?

None of the members of 浴学院 could be your Guarantor.

Student Residential 住宿 画廊: