Our students’ welfare, safety 和 well-being are our utmost concern at 浴学院. 学生 are given a welcome pack on arrival to ensure that they are quickly settled 和 established in Bath, with information about travel 和 what to see 和 do in our beautiful city.

Our 住宿 和 福利 Officer is always on h和 to offer advice 和 support, 和 our School Nurse is available throughout the day to help with minor medical matters 和 referral to medical services. 学生 are encouraged to access support services where necessary 和 Bath is well-provided with a range of professional organisations.


安全 is an important priority, especially where students are away from home, 和 we ensure that students know exactly what to do in case of emergency. We have a dedicated emergency contact number for out of hours 和 students are instructed to stay in small groups during evenings 和 weekends when moving around the city. Boarding staff 和 homestay parents ensure that they know their students’ whereabouts at all times 和 that they can be contacted at any time by phone.

所有员工, 无论是教学, non-teaching or homestay, are DBS checked 和 trained in safeguarding 和 child protection procedures. The 福利 Officer is the Designated 维护 Lead 和 all concerns should be passed to her in the first instance, or to the Vice Principal or Principal in her absence. Our homestay placements are checked at least annually to comply with our commitment to safety regulations 和 care of our students.

学生 are made aware of fire 和 safety procedures 和 fire drills are carried out regularly within the school day 和 during boarding time. Homestay parents are also made aware of their responsibilities with regard to fire 和 health 和 safety 和 all appliances are regularly checked 和 certified.


Online teaching has the same principles as set out in the 浴学院 staff code of conduct. This policy includes acceptable use of technologies, staff pupil/student relationships 和 communication including the use of social media.

All 浴学院 staff are required to complete the Online 维护 Training Course as designated by the Child Protection Company.

Support for 学生 Learning Online:

Children working offline can raise concerns online by reporting back to the school, 或者通过联系:

儿童热线的 支持.

UK Safer Internet Centre – to report 和 remove harmful online content.

儿童侵犯与在线保护中心 (儿童剥削 & Online Protection)- for advice on making a report about online abuse.

Parents 和 carers may choose to supplement the school or college online offer with support from online companies 和 in some cases individual tutors. Schools will write to parents to stress the importance of securing online support from a reputable organisation/individual who can provide evidence that they are safe 和 can be trusted to have access to children.

Support for Parents 和 Carers:
London Grid for Learning – 支持 for parents 和 carers to keep their children safe online
Net-aware – 支持 for parents 和 carers from the NSPCC
父母信息 – 支持 for parents 和 carers to keep their children safe online
Thinkuknow – for advice from the 国家犯罪署 to stay safe online
UK Safer Internet Centre – advice for parents 和 carers
互联网很重要 – 支持 for parents 和 carers to keep their children safe online


For more information on student welfare 和 safety, please read our Terms & 条件下, 学生手册Child Protection Policy.

住宿 & 福利 Officer – Natalia Knott

School Nurse – Alan Chapman

EMERGENCY Out of Hours number +44(0)7400618999