Are you able to travel to the UK and looking to start your studies in person in September?

Or do you need to delay your arrival in the UK for reasons such as travel restrictions, 签证, 或者等待最后的成绩?

We have options available for every student with our flexible 国际 MFP:


Start the 国际医学基础方案 in Bath from September if:

  • 你的申请被接受了
  • 学生和家长都觉得旅行很舒服
  • 您的签证会及时得到保障
  • 你来自 提名的国家 where quarantine upon arrival in the UK is not required

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The 医疗 and allied professions are among the most difficult disciplines to gain entry to, and it is imperative to have a comprehensive grounding in the relevant knowledge before progressing to further stages of education.

Our 国际医学基础方案 is a 1-year programme specifically designed to provide students with the best possible grounding for application to 医疗 schools.

Completion of the 医疗 基础项目 provides students with several pathways to 医疗 schools. 学生 can follow more than one of these routes to maximise their individual chances of successful progression:

1日路线, 直接申请医疗课程;


  • 国际认可的医学资格- MB, BCh, (荣誉)-医学学士, 单身汉的手术, 妇产科学学士).
  • 没有额外的入学考试(UCAT/BMAT).
  • 直接申请(不通过大学入学申请办事处).
  • 每年RCSI有220个非欧盟名额.
  • World renowned, ranked among the top 2% of universities worldwide.
  • Has Europe’s largest, cutting edge, clinical simulation facilities.
  • Located in the heart of Dublin – the vibrant and friendly capital of Ireland.


  • UCLan’s Medicine (MBBS) programme offers an innovative approach to medical education.
  • 教学在最先进的设施.
  • Clinical placements in UK NHS hospitals and clinics start in Year 1 and feature strongly throughout the programme.
  • You will be taught in small, diverse groups by expert, experienced staff. A high staff to student ratio means you’re fully supported during studies.


  • A small medical school, which means student-staff ratio is ideal 
  • Valuable patient contact in your first year and over the duration of the MBBS course 


  • 马耳他一所顶尖英国学校教授的医学学位 
  • 小组中基于问题的学习 

路线2: direct entry onto the fast track 2-year BSc (Hons) in Biomedical Sciences at 白金汉大学;

  • This BSc is designed with medical or dental school entry in mind.
  • 被预测为2分的学生.1 will be guaranteed an invitation to the second phase of the University of Buckingham MBChB Selection Process.

3日路线: application EU 医疗 schools teaching in English language.

为什么研究 医疗 基础项目?

  • The course provides students with an alternative to 一个水平 as a route to medical school.
  • 学生们将学习生物学, 化学, 进一步的数学, 物理或心理, as well as having introductory sessions in topics such as: Pathology, 生理学, 遗传学和药理学.
  • The course is taught by highly skilled and experienced teachers in a specialised medical school stream.
  • Specialist staff provide support with UCAS applications, 个人陈述, 大学进入研究, UCAT* / BMAT准备和面试准备.

* UCAT代表 大学临床能力倾向测验, (以前叫UKCAT, 英国临床能力倾向测验, and is required for entry to a medical/dentistry degree at many UK universities. 2019年,UCAT将取代UKCAT


  • 国际 students who currently hold high school diplomas or A-levels, but would like to strengthen their application for medical school.
  • 国际 students who do not currently meet the academic requirement to apply to medical school through UCAS.
  • 国际 students who did not pass the UCAT/BMAT examinations and would like to build on their existing knowledge before re-applying for medical school.










and one elective module in either Psychology or Quantitative Methods

条目 需求

In order to be considered for our Medicine pathway, students need to have graduated from High School. Check the Table 1 below for the grade/score requirements for your qualification type. In addition, students will need to have an overall 雅思考试 score of 6.5、读写能力不低于6分(表2).


GCSE /高中等价的

5 A - B及以下内容:

化学 A; 生物学 B; Maths B



化学 16*;  生物学 16*;  Maths 16*; (*score of 17 for Iranian students)

IB -必须是至少一年的文凭化学 6;  生物学 5;  Maths 5


化学 85%;  生物学 80%;  Maths 80%





You can also study the 国际医学基础方案 at 大卫游戏学院 在伦敦, close to iconic buildings such as the Tower of London, 小黄瓜, 英格兰银行和碎片银行.

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